25 Ta Life

25 Ta Life... The band that supported hardcore, gave so much life to the scene, still hardcore, still dedicated, still keepin it real. 25 ta Life started in late 92, Rick the roadie for Agnostic Front... in 1991 on the Agnostic Front / Nuclear Assault / Corrosion of Comformity tour, and then on the Agnostic Front, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse tour, with rick and freddy Madball as the roadies. Rick did a few us tours with Agnostic Front then after they disbanded in late 92, and helped start 25 Ta Life to keep the scene alive... along with bands like Madball, Rejuvenate, Crown Of Thornz.
In 93, 25 ta Life recorded the demo, playing with the likes of Madball, Neglect, Fear Factory, Carcass, Obituary, LOA, Carnivore, Sheer Terror, Exodus, Leeway, shows everyweek, way before computers in hardcore. 25 ta Life were in touch with many bands thru tape/demo trading, writing numerous letters to many hardcore kids/bands worldwide in the underground... In 1994, 25 ta Life released a 7"/cd on sft records outa germany... assaulting the east coast usa with weekend shows. In 1995 25 ta Life released breakthrough cd on We Bite records germany/usa "keepin it real" and in early 96 25 ta Life did a 6 weeks headlining european tour. Rick also doing his BTB label released numerous split 7"/comp cds with 25 ta Life/Comin' Correct. Connecting 25 ta Life with many hardcore bands worldwide. Then in 1997 25 ta Life released "strength thru unity..." on Triple Crown/Goodlife records, usa/europe (20,000 sells). In 1997 25 ta Life headed over to europe for 8 weeks playing with Rykers, Kickback, Stormcore, playing in austria, sweden, norway, italy, france, england, germany, belgium, holland, spain, portugal, hungary. 25 ta Life continued to assault the usa/eastcoast, with weekend shows playing with Biohazard @ roseland nyc to 5000 kids... with Madball, Eye Hate God, Subzero... As well as headlining weekend shows @ cbgbs, wetlands along with Murphys Law, H20. In 1998 25 ta Life toured europe again with Backfire and Right Direction headlining the "Raybeez memorial show" in holland sold out to 2500 kids along with dates in england, france, belgium short 2 weeks tour.
After the tour 25 ta Life recorded the "friendship, loyalty, commitment" cd for Triple Crown records / Goodlife, usa/europe (over 30,000 sells). With guests roger / vinny from Agnostic Front, jimmy Murphys Law, chris Powerhouse, jamey Hatebreed and paul Sheer Terror. Non stop doing dates on the east coast... 25 ta Life were off to japan for another tour... 2 weeks... then off to europe for a 10 weeks European tour, this being 25 ta Life's longest and biggest euro tour. Playing the dynamo and dour fest with the likes of Agnostic Front, SOD, Propain, Soulfly, Misfits, Slayer, Deftones, Mayhem, H20, Tech 9, Backfire, Discipline, Kickback so many more... hitting over 15 countries. It was after this tour, in nov 1999, that 25 ta Life decided to take a break after 7 years and non stop touring... 25 ta Life was on hold... Rick who also fronted Comin' Correct had another busy touring schedule anyway... But in late summer 2002, 25 ta Life returned doing over 50 shows on the east coast early 2003.
In 2003 25 ta Life finished the cd "best of friends/enemies" and then "Hellbound misery torment" in 2005. Both to be to be released in the usa / BTB rcds, europe / The Age of Venus Records. And the band toured and toured again for those cd's...

Line up :
Healey Rick - vocals
Pete Derosso - drums
SxE Shawn - bass
Ezra Vanbuskirk - guitar