INDICATION hail from Ruhrpott, Germany. This young band plays some raging Hardcore music in the spirit of old straight edge American hereos such as BOLD, Youth Of Today and Chain Of Strength.
Following a sefproduced 7’’ under a different line-up, INDICATION brings us their first full length «My energy is my dedication» out on CD and colored 10’’ on The Age Of Venus Rcds. Recording at Bunt studio (Mainstrike, Eyeball, ...) the production is just soo good ! Helped by modern studio techniques without being over-produced, INDICATION speaks with the perfect sound for that kind of music: energic, precise and nervous.
Music wise this album is just 100% Youth Crew Old School Hardcore. Speed parts, backing vocals, bass and drums breakdowns fit exactly the style and may remind you of SICK OF IT ALL, TEN YARD FIGHT, ENSIGN or even IN MY EYES. In no way their songs are suffering from those musicals limitations: just the opposite, their very strict songwriting style, together with INDICATION’s strong personnality, lead them to be a new step in the European old school hardcore scene.
Europe used to take its old school pride in MAINSTRIKE fame, here is the time when a new outfit rekindle the fire with the needed conviction : INDICATION GO !

Line up :
Christian - bass
Nor21man - guitar
Marcel - guitar
Martin - drums
Marcel - voice