One 4 One

The original line-up of One 4 One was formed on February 13, 1994. Six days later, the band played their first show at Studio 1 in Newark NJ with Bulldoze, V.O.D., Backlash, NJ Bloodline, Wrench, Pushed Too Far and the Retardz. After numerous shows in the tri-state area, One 4 One recorded the Beyond Hate demo in the summer of 1994. In feb. 1995, they recorded the "I Won't Lose" 7 inch. It was released on RPP in Europe and Stillborn Records in the US. They later released 1 album, "In search of" (96) and 2 MCD "Trust is lost" (98) and "Seven year cicada" (99).
With "In search of" One 4 One combined many of the best elements of punk and hardcore. "It had fast-paced horse-hop riffs, heavy enough breakdowns, sing-alongs, and politics. Dan’s unusual vocal delivery coupled with Andy’s frantic guitar rhythms and Seth Meyers’s crashing drum beats served to make In Search Of both an immediately palatable and original record". (Mike Musilli, No Echo)

Line up :
Seth Meyer - drums
Dan Murray - vocals
Chris Amend - bass
Andy Fletcher - guitar
Shaggy - guitar