MINIMAN, aka Roland Rougé, is a great songwriter and a talented pianist. Helped by a classic musical education, MINIMAN creates an universal music with quite minimalist surroundings, but still, respecting rules of musical art and his own identity. Futhermore, his drum’n bass arrangements specially contribute to create that cosmic and universal mood. The following artist are part of MINIMAN musical's family and may be seen as reasons for his love for reggae music : King Tubby's, Sir Coxone, Jammy's, Jah Warrior, Dub Syndicate, The Disciples, Gregory Isacc, Ken Boothe... 'cos, even that he plays digital dub, his roots influences are still ahead ! MINIMAN just hits big time with this first full-length album! With a mature and polished sound, full of emotions and power, songs from "En marche pour Sion" witness a living and full hearted commitment towards Rastafari cause. This, backed by a great and infectious energy, MINIMAN follows in the biggest artist footsteps, while staying close to his personnal and convincing style. But studio won't appease the "Dub Warrior" aspirations. As only through a liveset he can fully express his ideas et claim his credo : "back to the roots". That's true, all dub on this album show the continuation of humanity's march towars the essence of life : "En marche pour Sion". (1st reggae/Dub release on AOV rcds)