Tears Of Frustration

This new band got quickly noticed by all the New-Jersey scenesters and believe me, they really deserve it. Totally linked to the true hardcore sound, Tears Of Frustration just put out explosives releases !! In a style less and less represented in hardcore nowadays
"We are influenced by bands such as : Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Slapshot, Side By Side,..." this added to clear and to the point lyrics "We represents Tears for our Nation and how it's fallen and sold out it's own people (the working class) to big business, and how our flag is now a sign of capitalism instead of hard work and freedom".
I believe that this is simply one of the few new NJ bands that you just can not miss. Real music for real people.

Line up :
Chris Lindstrom - bass
Justin Rowand - guitar
Joe Colavito - drums
Joe Falzone - voice