That's right! You read it correctly... the rumors, myths, untruths, and all your wondering about the record can be put to rest. AOV rcds will finally release JETSEX's first and long-awaited effort called "Paris by night", tentatively scheduled an dropped !. But, first, let's take a few steps back. The story goes like this:
The year was 1998. The place, Paris...
Frustration and food were the main forces that drove this cross-section of spastic rejects to become the band we know as JETSEX. From its inception JETSEX's first songs sounded like primitive hardcore punk, harsh and to-the-point. Yet that aggression was complimented with a strong sense of melody inspired by the roots of rock and roll bred in the 1950's. "It's hard to define our musical influences" says frontman Miko Bilbao, "at the very begnining it was a mix of Jimmy Jazz's hard driving melodic bass lines, Yann's tight guitar riffing, and Aldente's "caffinated" punk rock beats". The quest for fun became the main catalyst of the band, and they adopted this omni-ambitious way of life, for better and for better. The band started looking for a second guitar player to "get more powerful riffs without forgeting all about melody" explains Nono Aldente. Jeep seemed to be the right guy, the quintet recorded 5 songs.
In september 2001 JETSEX's first release came out: a split 7" with NY legends MURPHY'S LAW called "new york city paris, mon amour!". So far, JETSEX has played with bands like NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE, THE QUEERS, MURPHY'S LAW, HARD-ONS, KILL YOUR IDOLS, BANE, MR T EXPERIENCE, CRIVITS.

JETSEXTRAVAGANZA has just begun... You've been warned!

Line up :
Miko Bilbao - vocals
Onno Destroyer - drums
Jimmy Jazz - bass
Patrice Duc d'Ambrine - guitar
Vincent Van Cock - guitar