Murphy's Law

Many people today pay lip service to the sound and fury of the 80s hardcore punk scene. One of the most important names to arise from that underground is MURPHY'S LAW. From their earliest days as kings of the New York Hardcore Sunday Matinee and their spot on the Beastie Boys groundbreaking Licensed To Ill tour, through the many trends and movements since, front man Jimmy G and his revolving cast of characters have never abandoned the scene or their fans. While others took easier routes, MURPHY'S LAW stayed true to the game, working their asses off and putting on great shows every time. And they still have a real love for what they do.
MURPHY'S LAW weren't always properly appreciated for their songwriting abilities. But that was then and this is now. The Party's Over, the band's The Age Of Venus label debut, is one of the great efforts of 2002. Noted producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, White Zombie) has created 15 tracks of gritty punk music with serious pop appeal. Nowhere is that sonic maturity more evident than on the album's radio-friendly first single "Vicky Crown," with its tight riffs and punchy choruses. Other standout cuts include the opening shred of "Maximum Lie," the Clash-style punk/reggae of "Walking Alone," and their faithful renditions of Simaryp's "Skinhead Girl," and Beer Nuts' "Woke Up Tied Up." A big key to their musical success is the blistering new Murphy's Law lineup, which includes ex-D Generation guitarist Rick Bacchus, bassist Sal Villaneuva (Demonspeed), and drummer Eric Arce (Skarhead).
Jimmy G discusses The Party's Over: "The title has nothing to do with MURPHY'S LAW itself, because with us, the party's never over. It represents the state of New York City, and of the underground music scene, and how it's so not happening anymore. Our Mayor's turned this dynamic city into a fucking shopping mall. There's fewer and fewer clubs to play, and beers are $5.50. You just can't have fun in NYC anymore. It's not user-friendly these days.
"Don't confuse a few complaints with nostalgia because when it comes to MURPHY'S LAW, it's always a fresh experience. Without hype or pretense, they've earned their place as one of the great NYC rock bands. "I'm proud of where we come from and what we've accomplished," Jimmy explains, "but there's a lot more to do. I don't want to sit back and be satisfied with what went down in the good old' days. This is the best record we've ever made, and I'm anxious to get it out and play for our fans, and to make lots of new ones.
"Life is good - even if the party is over!"

Line up :
Jimmy Gestapo - vocals
Eric Arse - drums
Sal Villaneuva - bass
Rick Bacchus - guitar