ONE 4 ONE "In search of" - LP
ONE 4 ONE "In search of" - LP
ONE 4 ONE "In search of" - LP
ONE 4 ONE "In search of" - LP

ONE 4 ONE "In search of" - LP

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"As a complete record, In Search Of combined many of the best elements of punk and hardcore. It had fast-paced horse-hop riffs, heavy enough breakdowns, sing-alongs, and politics. Murray remembers, “We wrote what we wanted to, and really didn’t care who liked it or not because it was ours. Andy and I were super into bands like Life’s Blood, Absolution, Last Resort, and Side by Side, and we really identified with their lyrics. So In Search Of, to me, is a great time in my life.” Those influences are readily felt on some of the album’s best songs like “Unfold” and “Voice of Reason.” While they reflected the '90s hardcore scene, One 4 One still had a sound of their own. And Dan’s unusual vocal delivery coupled with Andy’s frantic guitar rhythms and Seth Meyers’s crashing drum beats served to make In Search Of  both an immediately palatable and original record". (Mike Musilli for ITW on

- Classic album for the first time on vinyl.
- Must have for any fans of NJ-NY Hardcore.
- re mastered sound
- Doubled sized inlay with unseen archives

First press run :
Yellow galaxy - 109 copies
Transparent green - 219 copies
Test press - 14 copies

Tracklisting :
1.Intro / Committed for life
2. No mistake
3. In search of
4. What went wrong
5. Unfold
6. My time
7. Voice of reason
8. Thougts
9. Control
10. Stand
11. Discriminate me

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