RIGHT 4 LIFE "Give us light for truth" - CD/7''
RIGHT 4 LIFE "Give us light for truth" - CD/7''
RIGHT 4 LIFE "Give us light for truth" - CD/7''
RIGHT 4 LIFE "Give us light for truth" - CD/7''
RIGHT 4 LIFE "Give us light for truth" - CD/7''
RIGHT 4 LIFE "Give us light for truth" - CD/7''

RIGHT 4 LIFE "Give us light for truth" - CD/7''

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"Give us light for truth" was recorded in 1 day, 1st may 1999, as the band needed quickly a track for an international compilation. They had two new songs ready so they did the takes for both and then they thought that doing an other cover of youth of today would be fun. As it sounded good they finally decided to release the 3 songs as a 7". It was a good idea especially since the band had been through line up issues and was not very active the past 1,5 years. That is when Olivier from Stormcore became drummer. He worked on the arrangements of those 2 tracks with the band but he also quit before the session. Jean-Baptiste Tronel then joined in and did his first recording with the band. He will also be the stable drummer the band needed as he will stay 'till the band split. This EP marks a clear return to Right 4 Life original style as it is way more youth crew oriented with lyrics concerned with the people apathy, negativity and how easy it is to subdue an entire population to a false lifestyle. (the previous LP rather had a nyhc twist).

CORE MAG / review by martiln, mars 2000 "A new three tracks mcd from the french answer to Youth Of Today... a great release and especially the Judge like "century's demise" makes it worth purshasing this cd..."

OX MAG / review by DM, mars 2000 "Schade, dass nur drei kurze songs enthalten sind, die drei franzosen verstehen nämlish wirklich was von gut gemachter Old School...music. In tradition von Youth Of Today oder Strife gibt's hier drei absolut hochwertige Stüke, die einfach Lust auf mehr machen. Hoffentlich erscheint in naher Zukunft ein Full Time album!"

KEROZENE / review by david, spring 2000 " ow! j'avoue qu'il y a peu de temps encore, je n'étais pas franchement fan de ce groupe, mais il n'a pas fallu plus que ces trois titres pour me convertir. leur prestation scénique m'avait déjà pas mal impressionné, mais là, je dois reconnaître qu'ils sont vraiment très forts! honnêtement, peu de groupes actuels donnant dans le old school me font vraiment bander, mais eux, je les place directement derrière Ten yard Fight ! Il y a vraiment plein de trouvailles qui rafraîchissent le style, le son est ok, les compos sont de vrais tubes... ils ont vraiment tout pour faire un carton..."

VALUE OF STRENGHT / review by JP, june 200 "...Right 4 Life plays some decent old school tunes, not in the way youth crew bands do but more in the vein of later New York bands. they add some metal to their music but it's still damn, old school sounding. I do consider this is a good record..."

RESSURECTION / review by cucu, nev 2000 "...Ahora por fin suenan a Old School con classe. La voz me suena a Ray Cappo bastante, en los primeros, tiempos de Youth Of Today, al igual que la musica... Estan muy bien Right 4 Life".

PRESTO / review by greg, fev 2000 "Right 4 Life vient de sortir probablement l'une de ses meilleures productions à ce jour. Dès les premiers accords, on est subjugué par le peaufinement de leur old school qui ne se limite plus qu'à de simples repérages. Trois titres accrocheurs surtout "century's demise" ou le groupe donne un titre percutant et sans dédale... A signaler le très bon travail de l'artwork."

- contains 4 cards for lyrics & credits
- 2 tracks + YOT cover

First press run :
Test press - 10 copies
Transparent - 100 copies
Grey - 200 copies
Black - 700 copies

Tracklisting :
1. To achieve
2. Century's demise
3. Disengage (YOT)

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